World War 11


World War II

During our WWII topic, we explored lots of areas, including Anderson shelters, the D-Day landings, and Dad’s Army. We especially enjoyed the activities for Dad’s Army, because at the end, we were asked to write a verse for the popular TV show.

During the topic, we read a book called ‘I Am David’. It tells a story of a boy called David who escapes from a concentration camp.

 For Bonfire Night, we created pictures of a Blitz scene using cut outs of silhouetted buildings and brightly coloured yellow, red and orange chalk.

 A few days before the open night, we made uncooked chocolate cake using items which families would have had during rationing and let the parents enjoy it on the open night.

As a homework task, we made diorama models in shoeboxes depicting scenes from WWII. The most popular scene for the models was a battle scene.

We learned songs from the time including “We’ll meet Again” which we performed on the open night.

This was a very enjoyable topic, and hope that the next topic is as good as this was. The parents really enjoyed it as well!

Look at the photographs from the topic on this website.

By Christopher and Andrew