The Tale of the Christmas Tree

The nursery boys and girls are busy practising for our Christmas show 'The Tale of the Christmas Tree'.  We will be performing on Friday 16th December at 9.30 am; 11 am & 2.15 pm.


Every child can choose to dress up as either a FOREST FAIRY, a FOREST GOBLIN or a TREE for the show.  Having spoken to the children, we know that they already have some great ideas for their costumes, but we would encourage parents to keep it simple and please don’t feel you have to go out and buy new items of clothing.  If you are struggling for costume ideas or need help sourcing items of clothing, please speak to a member of nursery staff.

Suggestions include:

FOREST FAIRIES – a fairy costume with the addition of some green

FOREST GOBLINS – plain black or brown clothes and a mask/goblin ears


TREES – brown trousers and green top