Review of 2015


Welcome to Primary 5A

We have had a busy first term and we have learned many new concepts and skills.

Our first topic was Kirkintilloch and we learned about where this was in relation to other cities in Scotland. This was really tricky as Scotland is a big place. (Mrs McGuire thinks some of us would still get lost without a Sat Nav) We also went a walk around our school town and visited the Auld Kirk and Peel Park to mention just a few places. We learned about the Lion Foundry and learned that all the old, red phone boxes around Britain were once made in Kirkintilloch – amazing! We learned about the town’s coat of arms and can explain the symbolism of the different parts. In our groups we also created some of the landmarks in Kirkintilloch using Lego.

 After the October holidays we became super scientists and began investigating electricity and many an afternoon was spent making circuits and getting bulbs, buzzers and motors to work. Dr Breslin came into school one afternoon to show us COOL experiments and Mrs McGuire was proud of all we had learned. We have also learned about electrical symbols and can build circuits using actual scientific symbols, this will help us in high school.

We are now in the new term and our Joyning the Learning topic is Wallace and Bruce. At the moment we are looking at the historical background of Scotland in relation to the Kings of Scotland. We are in the process of creating our very own Wallace’s Monument and our technology focus is planning, building and creating our own Stirling Castle in small groups. Any cardboard boxes and ‘junk’ would be very much appreciated until further notice. We are really excited about our trip to Stirling Castle on Tuesday 16th February, let’s hope the weather is dry!!