Review 2015


Welcome to P1a!

Mrs Smith is delighted to be in P1a and has settled in very well! We have made our new teacher feel very welcome and are being fantastic helpers! Mrs Smith can’t believe how clever we all are!

We have a very busy term ahead! We are learning all about life in the past through our new ‘Joyning the learning’ topic ‘When Gran was a girl’. We will be exploring what life was like for Gran growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s! There are lots of different areas for us to explore, for example: where Gran got her shopping from? What was her home like? What toys did she play with? We are exploring this topic across the curriculum and have already produced fantastic work! We are really interested in speaking to any Granny’s that could tell us their stories! We are really excited about our Class trip to ‘The People’s Palace’ where we will get involved in hands on drama activities! We will also take part in workshops where we can explore how our grandparents used to complete daily chores- without the super duper washing machines and Dyson’s we have today! We look forward to sharing all our wonderful work with you!

We will be learning lots of new number concepts including addition, time, weight and money. We carry out a lot of our number work actively and have lots of opportunities to observe, explore, investigate, discuss and reflect. Our theme of ‘When Gran was a girl’ comes into our number work this term when we investigate money Gran used to use!

In Language, we are continuing to learn new sounds and are making great progress! We are remembering our phonic rules to help us to sound out unfamiliar words! Please encourage us to do this at home! We really enjoy our new reading books and enjoy discussing the characters. Our story writing is fantastic and we are making great progress!

Our gym days are a Monday and a Wednesday. Please remind me to bring my gym kit in on a Monday and I will bring it home on Friday. It is very important that I take part in physical activity; we have so much fun with Mr Harkins!

Homework folders are a great way to keep us organised and all our important work together! If you will like to order one please do so at the school office.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at our open day very soon

Mrs Smith and Mrs Hutchinson