Review 2015




Welcome to Primary 2A’s class blurb. We would love to share some interesting things with you that we have been doing in class and what we are going to learning about this term.

At the beginning of our school year we were learning all about ‘Our Local Area’. We explored a range of areas in Kirkintilloch, looking at old and new buildings, areas of interest to the children and places they often use in the local community. The sports centre was a popular one!

Our next topic was learning all about ‘Our Senses’. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring their senses, especially the blindfolded smell test. Those onions were smelly! We also had a very special visitor, Mr Mercer, who is a scientist. He spoke to us about our senses in detail and let us take part in fun science experiments.

We would like to thank all the parents and carers who attended our Christmas nativity, ‘It’s a Baby.’ The children thoroughly enjoyed acting this year and visiting St Ninian’s to rehearse. They did a fantastic job and couldn’t be more proud of them.

This year the children are exploring the ‘Rainforest’ for our ‘Joyning the Learning’ topic. We received a letter from Quentin the quetzal, asking us to turn our classroom into a rainforest for him and his friends. We are also going to Edinburgh Zoo in February to visit more of his animal friends and learn about their habitats.

Just a wee reminder our gym days are Wednesday and Thursday.