Review 2015


We have had an exciting year so far in Primary 4. We have learned all about Scotland and we were visited by pupils from Meadowburn Primary School. Meadowburn Primary School has a Gaelic unit. During our visit we were taught how to say basic greetings and numbers. Four girls visited our class and sang beautifully a variety of Gaelic songs to us.

In Term 1 we were given the chance to work with Mr Drain on a weekly basis. He taught us how to accompany music using percussion instruments. We woke Kerr Street up with the sound of samba! We organised ourselves into bands and performed to our friends in Primary 4B.

Our Topic in term 2 is The Vikings. We are all enjoying learning about these warriors. We couldn’t believe that Vikings used horns to drink out of and never actually wore them on their helmets! The children are very excited to learn more about life in Viking times and how this impacts on our lives today.

In January we are going on our very own adventure to Vikingar in Largs. We can’t wait! During this trip we will learn about where the Vikings came from, Viking Gods, Long ships and much much more!