Review 2015


Welcome to Primary 1B!

Miss Rourke is very proud of how well we have settled into life at Holy Family and have had a very busy term 1+2.

This term we are exploring the topic of “When Gran was a Girl” from an interdisciplinary perspective where we will learn about aspects of life from the past and compare this with our own life.  We will be exploring what life was like for senior members of our family including the toys they played with, the clothes they wore and their school day. As we love to learn outdoors, we will be visiting our local surroundings and taking photographs which we will compare with Kirkintilloch from the past. If any Grandparent would like to come in and share memories from their childhood we would be delighted to hear from you.

We will be visiting The People’s Palace on Thursday 28th January where we will take part in a hands- on Drama workshop. We will learn how our Grandparents washed their clothes and cleaned their houses without a vacuum cleaner in sight. WOW!

In phonics, we are continuing to learn sounds which we can blend to make words and are “having a go” to transfer these into our wonderful story writing. Encourage me to recall sounds and look for sounds including sh,ch,th, and wh within words. Allow me to practise writing sounds and let me know if I am not forming them correctly.

In reading, we are continuing to build on our vocabulary and are being encouraged to recognise capital letters, full stops, speech marks and shout marks when I am reading aloud. When new words are added to my “Friends and Enemies” practise these with me as they help me to read more fluently.

Primary 1 love to talk and listen and this area of literacy permeates the curriculum. We take part in “Think, Pair Share” activities and understand the importance of listening to others. We are learning to respond appropriately.

This term we are learning to add within 10 and are working hard to embed number stories which help me with my mental maths.  Other topics across numeracy taught this term include data handling, coin recognition, weight and Time.

Our P.E days are Tuesday and Friday and this term we are taking part in coaching sessions from the S.F.A. Our P.E days can sometimes change so please send me into school with a P.E kit on a Monday and I will take it home on a Friday. Miss Rourke is delighted at how well we have progressed in dressing and undressing ourselves for P.E so please allow me to do this at home.

Lots of us use homework folders which allow us to keep our belongings organised. If you would like to order one please contact the school.

If you would like to speak with Miss Rourke please see her at the door at the end of the school day or make an appointment with the office.

Miss Rourke would like to thank parents for their ongoing support and looks forward to continuing to work with you throughout this year.