There are lots of enthusiastic problem solvers, eager to share their solutions. We have focused on place value for numbers with up to 4, 5 and 6 digits. There has been lots of hard work on developing confidence in telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks. This term we will continue to reinforce concepts taught and also work with money, area, directions and decimals.

 We have worked hard to develop our creative writing; paying attention to following our plan and achieving the success criteria. We really enjoyed writing our Christmas story books to share with the infants and using our knowledge of higher order thinking to make up questions to develop the younger children’s understanding of our stories.

Last term we studied electricity. We enjoyed experimenting with battery powered circuits and researching the different ways in which electricity is produced.

Doctor Breslin came to our class and organised a series of experiments involving electricity. We were able to use our knowledge from what we had learned during our topic to help us carry out the experiments and make predictions. Whilst studying Kirkintilloch we developed our mapping skills and learned lots about the town both past and present. We enjoyed a walking tour of the area and visited the council offices where we were learnt about how the council operates. We got to ask the leader of the council, Rhonda Geekie, lots of questions about issues important to us including, recycling, keeping our environment tidy and what is happening to our school building at Boghead Road?

This term our IDL topic is the Highland Clearances. We are learning about when and why the clearances happened and what the highlanders did to make a new life. Our novel study is the Desperate Journey, which follows the plight of a highland family evicted from their croft and the challenging journey they make as they try to find a new place to call home. We are making comparisons with today and the difficulties migrants from war torn countries face as they try to find a new home. We will be visiting New Lanark, where many highlanders came to live and work in the cotton mill in the early 19th century. This will give us an insight into their working, schooling and living conditions at this time.

RERC, music and drama will focus on our preparation for Resurrection Rock, the musical of the Passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This will be performed in St Ninian’s Church during Holy Week.