Primary 7P

We thoroughly enjoyed our African topic and gave the performance of our life on the opening night of our apartheid play!


This term our topic is World War II and as part of the topic we will be studying the novel “Good Night Mister Tom” as a class. All our reading interpretation and a lot of our writing lessons will come from both the novel and the topic itself. The novel has very mature vocabulary throughout so we are also hoping to take example from the book and improve both our vocabulary and writing skills as a result. We have also studied and chosen a piece of art work that we have written some very inspirational pieces about and posted on our Glow Group site “Art into Words”


This term we will be keeping up with our daily morning conversational French as well as learning how to talk about pass times and hobbies and the Cafe.


Out with a lot of mental math morning warm ups such the countdown game and tables games, we will be perfecting our mental addition, subtraction and division of decimals to 2-3 places, exploring 3-D shape, mental multiplication of 2 and 3 digit numbers (long multiplication), long division and   percentages and how they fit into our everyday lives. Daily problem solvers and task boards offer each child the opportunity to individually, or as part of a group, solve a problem.

Environmental Studies

We will be studying all about World War II, how the war came to be and how it was resolved, which countries were involved, political figures, the blitz and much more. We will be looking at the holocaust and studying a short, true to life, dramatisation about life in a concentration camp as well as the novel “Good Night Mister Tom”


Just a reminder that homework will be given every night apart from Friday and will normally be as follows:

  • Mon: Spelling. Please ensure that all details are in diary and that children are spelling words to be learned correctly  
  • Tues: Maths     
  • Wed: Reading      
  • Thurs: French/RE/Topic P.E. Will be on Wednesdays and Fridays.