Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7

We have a busy year planned for our final year at Holy Family.  We have several visits to St Ninian's High School in October/November to give us a taster of following a high school timetable. In June the pupils will have further visits to their associated high schools where they will work with their new S1 classes.

In class some of the areas we will be studying in numeracy will include: Fractions - simplifying, equivalent, mixed number and improper, as well as finding fractions of amounts.  Decimals - multiply, divide, add and subtract numbers up to 3 decimal places.  Percentages; finding a percentage of an amount.  We will be reinforcing the link between fractions, decimals and percentages and solving associated word problems. We will be extending our knowledge of litres, millilitres, grams, kilograms, kilometres, metres, centimetres and millimetres. We will be solving lots of real life situation word problems covering all the four processes. Many of our activities will be active, working with groups, pairs and solo.

In literacy we are currently studying the novel 'Divided City' by Teresa Breslin, we will also be using a variety of texts throughout the year to support and develop our reading, comprehension, talking and listening skills. We will be working on a range of writing tasks encouraging development of our grammar, spelling and punctuation.  We will be looking at ways to develop our descriptive vocabulary using 'wow' words, adjective phrases, similes, metaphors and using direct speech correctly. Our spelling skills will be developed through a variety of resources depending of the needs of the individual.

The topics we will be covering this year are:

  • Divided City/Glasgow
  • World War II
  • Plants for Wildlife
  • Science experiment block in preparation for high school.

We would be very grateful for any resources/expertise, family and friends are willing to share with us.

Homework is issued every Monday to be handed in on the following Friday, please make sure homework rules are followed correctly. In addition 'Big Homework Challenges' which will take several weeks to complete will also be assigned.  It is also helpful to keep revising tables and the associated facts regularly along with the spelling of common words. Please remember to use the homework diary as a source of communication.

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday if there is a change the children will record it in their diary. Please remind your child to bring an appropriate kit on these days.

Encourage your child to be fully ready for the school day, bringing to school all the stationary, books, letters etc they require for the day ahead.