Primary 6M

May - June 2009

We had a busy time last term with our Joyning the Learning topic on Space Exploration.

We learned lots of fascinating facts and were actively involved in many activities. We researched the history of space exploration, had a visit from Martin Hendry from Glasgow University who discussed the ‘Apollo Moon landings, real or fake?’ We now all have our own opinions on the subject and can discuss our personal points of view. We know about the planets in our Solar System, phases of the Moon, day and night, seasons, life on the International Space Station, the work of NASA and much more.

This term primary 6 are preparing to visit Lendrickmuir for three days of outdoor activities and team building, everyone is very much looking forward to the experience.

In maths we will be studying percentages, angles and compass directions in more detail.

We will be studying Michael Morpurgo’s novel Adolphus Tips for our reading and will be completing lots of associated activities which will involve different types of comprehension skills (inferential, literal and evaluative,) relationships and the writer’s craft.

Our topic this term is ‘Scotland in the time of Mary Queen of Scots’ we will be looking at the class system which existed during this period in history, how people lived their daily lives and will also be studying the ‘Stuart’ family tree and facts about Mary Queen of Scots. If you have any resources (books, DVDs, websites, artefacts etc) which would enhance our learning, we would be very grateful if you could lend them to us for a short time.