Primary 5


Hello and welcome to Primary 5!



Maths is taught every day using a variety of learning approaches including: group, active, independent and paired work.  ICT is also incorporated into lessons using the interactive whiteboard in the classroom and the computers in the ICT suite.  We will be using active maths resources such as: whiteboards, games, number fans and flash cards to enhance learning through an active, hands - on approach.

Areas which will be covered in Maths include:

  • Number, money and measure
  • Shape, Position and Movement
  • Information Handling
  • Problem Solving
  • Mental Maths



  • Handwriting is taught daily in class and children are encouraged to uphold a good standard of presentation throughout all of their written work
  • We use the Ginn reading scheme and reciprical approaches to develop children's reading skills
  • Spelling is taught three times a week and is also incorporated into homework activities
  • Writing is taught once a week and provides the children with an experience of writing in different genres
  • Book reviews will be covered in September of this year


Social Studies/ Technologies

  • From August to October our topic will be Media Matters: Babe
  • Our next topic Electricity will be implemented from October to December
  • From January to March we will be transforming our classroom into a historic learning environment through our interdisciplinary topic
  • Our final topic is A Portrait of Britain which will be covered from March to June

Other Information

Homework will be given out on a weekly basis. Children should be continuing to manage their time and ensuring that they have their homework completed for a Friday

Homework will consist of

  • Spelling
  • Maths
  • Alive O / Current News Report / Topic
  • Revision of spelling / French / Maths

Friday Test jotters will be sent home on a Monday.

Please ensure they are signed and returned to school on the Tuesday.

Please ensure homework diary is signed at the end of the week!

Thank you for your continued support.

Please use your child’s homework diary as a means of communication.