Primary 5

Much of our learning now takes place through 'active learning' activities.  This involves more cooperative group work, discussion, problem solving, thinking skills etc and aims to make the pupils' learning more relevant to everyday life and gives the children the opportunity to learn from each other.

A range of 'Formative Assessment' strategies are used daily in the classroom to encourage the pupils to be 'active learners.'  These include peer and self assessment, sharing of learning intentions and success criteria and wait time before answering a question.

This term in maths we are focusing on addition and subtraction of numbers with up to 4 digits using both mental strategies and standard written methods. We will be carrying out measure activities which involve metres, centimetres and introducing millimetres. We will be consolidating work on time using am and pm and focusing on minutes to and minutes past the hour. We will then focus on 24 hour time. We will carry out practical investigations of 2D shapes such as rhombus, parallelogram, isoceles triangle and hexagon.  We will develop our knowledge of area by introducing the formula area = length x breadth.  There will be continual practise of times tables and the related facts and continued support at home in this area is essential.

Our topic this term is Wallace and Bruce which is delivered in a cross curricular theme. Our writing skills will be developed through activities linked to the topic.  We are focusing on developing a more sophisticated vocabulary (wow words) through the use of wordbanks and thesaurus. Our writing targets also include identifying paragraphs and using punctuation and spelling correctly for the most part.

Reading continues through the Ginn Readers and topic linked text.As part of our research into this period of history we are very much looking forward to our visit to the Wallace Monument in Stirling.  If anyone has any additional resources (books, dvds, videos etc) which we would could borrow to enhance our learning experience we would be very grateful.

Miss Pollock continues to develop our knowledge of French language. Mrs Jones is working with us on the music for 'Resurrection Rock' which is part of our Drama Programme for this term and will be performed in St Ninian's Church during Holy Week. Mrs Robinson is helping us with the choreography and performance. Mr Harkins teaches PE every Tuesday and Wednesday. It would be appreciated if you could make sure your child has a full PE kit with them on these days.]

Homework continues to be issued on a Monday for handing in the following Friday, unless otherwise stated.  Please check and sign your child's diary every week and encourage them to follow the 'Homework Rules' at the front of their jotter.

As part of the homework routine please make sure your child takes time to pack their school bag carefully with everything they need for school each day especially a fully equipped pencil case.