Primary 4

Primary Four has gotten off to a good start and Miss Pollock is pleased to report that the hard work is well underway!


Our first, media matters, topic is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where we have been exploring many issues and topics such as filming, directorial cuts, product design, character studies, and class and group discussion/debates. We will move onto our science-based topic, Water, where many humanitarian and scientific issues will be explored to include whole school presentation and in class experiment work. After Christmas, our inter-disciplinary learning topic, which is, of course, top secret will involve all areas of the curriculum ending in an open evening of fun for all the family!



Active maths work will take place most days and will include singing our times tables, games, relevant to life measure, money and time work. We will exlore numbers to 10,000, enhancing our mental addition and subtraction skills. We will develop our division skills further to include remainders and will be in all times tables. Measure work will include real-life situations for grams, kilograms, centimetre, metre, millimetre, litre and millilitre. Number and money work will include precentage work and will advance to creating spreadsheets for cost and profit work.



Weekly writing hour sessions will take place to include all genres. Grammar, punctuation, figure of speech and many more topics will be explored and developed through these weekly sessions. Grammar, punctuation and spelling  will also come through in handwriting lessons. The Ginn reading scheme will be used in term 1 and in Term 2 a whole class novel will be studied. Various genres and texts will be studies throughout the year to challenge our reading and interpretation skills as well as our knowledge of genre.


Religious Education:

Primary Four is a very important sacramental year. Confirmation will take place in November and Holy Communion will be in May. Most of the year's religious lessons will focus on the sacraments with other lessons looking at Catholicism and other world religions as a whole.


Health and Well-Being:

Health and Well-Being comes into so many areas of school life. Class lessons on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle as well as emotional well-being will take place alongside "Circle Time" and drama activities exploring real-life issues concerning young children today. Physical education is also a part of this and Primary Four will have two P.E lesson per week.

Thoughts For the Year:

It is impossible to put here everything that we will do in a, very busy, year but thoughts so far include a link between Primary Four and St Joseph's in Ghana. I am at present talking with St Joseph's and getting ideas together for a joint project.



Homework will be given Monday through to Thursday with the format normally being:

Monday: Spelling activity

Tuesday: Maths Activity

Wednesday: Reading Activity

Thursday: Topic/R.E./ Current Affairs