Primary 3M


Hello and welcome to Primary 3.


  • We follow Storyworld and Ginn Reading. New books are given every 1-2 weeks. A range of activities are used to develop reading in class and at home.
  • Spelling words are issued on a weekly basis, with children completing activities in class and at home. Children have a spelling/phonics jotter where they complete this work.
  • Handwriting is done daily through a variety of Active Start activities and formal Handwriting lessons.
  • Phonic work is continued from Primary 2 and built upon using a variety of methods such as flashcards and active learning activities. 
  • Writing is completed on a weekly basis. Each child plans their piece of work before re-drafting. Writing ties in with topic work for each term as well as any other occasion i.e. Book Week,  Halloween and Christmas 

Numeracy and Maths

  • Mental Maths is implemented using a variety of written and oral tasks and activities such as number fans, maths games and use of ICT.
  • Active Maths is a main component of the child's learning experience in Maths. This is implemented using ICT, pair games and group work.
  • Problem Solving is integrated within a lot of the maths programme of work. We also have set problem solving activities where the children work in pairs or groups to find the solution.

Social Studies/ Technologies

  • From August to October, the topic is Katie Morag and the New Pier.
  • From October to December, we will be investigating "The Things We Eat"
  • From January to March, we will be transforming our classroom into somewhere very magical and exciting for our Joyning the Learning Topic but sssh it's a secret.
  • From April to June, we will be investigating Magnetism.

If you have any expertise or resources for any of the above topics, we would love to hear from you !



  • Our P.E. days are Monday and Tuesday- we get two hours of P.E. a week. P.E. kits should all be labelled clearly.
  • Homework is issued Monday - Thursday and covers a variety of areas. All H/W should be written in diaries by the child and signed each night.
  • Diary can be used as a means of communication between parent/carers and the teachers.
  • Music is taught on alternate Wednesdays by Mrs Jones.
  • Drama is taught weekly by class teacher and can incorporate themes from current topic.
  • Art is taught weekly by class teacher and also incorporates themes and ideas from the current topic as well as occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.


Primary 3 is a busy, busy but fun filled year and we hope that your children enjoy it.

Miss McManus and Mrs Gordon.