Primary 3

We have a busy year ahead of us in Primary 3!


In Primary 3 we are beginning NFER spelling. We will however continue to revise the 100 common words previously learned in primary 2.

Handwriting is taught in a weekly lesson. The children will be reminded that the tall letters touch the top and the smaller letters are half the size. This year we will be learning how to join our handwriting. 

The children will be given a weekly writing lesson with many other writing opportunities throughout the week. In primary 3 we will begin concentrating on the content of our stories and check that they include a beginning, middle and an end. 

Children will be given opportunities to read aloud in class and discuss the stories. In primary 3 we allow more opportunities for reading non fiction text.The children will develop their comprehension and sequencing skills. 


We have completed SHM 2 and are currently working on SHM 3. We have been revising addition and subtraction to 20 before moving onto 100. We will begin multiplication and division as well as develop more problem solving opportunities. Please note that with the introduction of Active Learning many lessons will be planned to include interactive games, problem solving tasks and group work all of which will reinforce classroom learning. 

Environmental Studies  

The topics we are covering this year are:

  • Katie Morag (Media Matters) (Talking and Listening topic)
  • Things We Eat
  • Christmas
  • Egyptians (Joyning The Learning Topic)
  • Magnetism 

Religious Education 

In the primary 3 Alive O programme children will develop an understanding of belonging. We will discuss how we belong together as a family, a community and a class.

Primary 3 will also be given the opportunity to learn about Judaism.       

It is an exciting year as we experience the sacrament of Reconciliation. When at home, please help your child to complete the work they will cover and reinforce the importance of this special time.


Your child will be given homework from Monday to Thursday. Please check it over and sign your child’s diary each night. If you have any concerns please write these in the diary as we can use this as a means of communication. We will be looking forward to seeing you on our Joyning the Learning evening where you will be in for an amazing surprise! 

Thank you

Mrs Crossan