Primary 3

Primary 3

The children are working actively in all areas of the curriculum. They are interacting well with partners and working well in group situations. Homework is issued on a daily basis Monday to Thursday and all children should bring their homework folder to school on a daily basis. Please encourage your child to take pride in their homework and to discuss with you what they are learning in class. Please remember to sign the homework daily and to use the diary as a means of communication.


This year your child will be reading a range of texts in class and will be developing his/her comprehension skills. Your child will be encouraged to read with expression and to respond to different kinds of questions with increasing independence. Your child will be given a spelling list on a Monday to learn and is then tested on a Friday. Please encourage your child to learn his/her words daily and revise the 100 Common words frequently at home. This will develop his/her confidence and independence in writing. In writing this year your child will be adding more detail to stories using descriptive vocabulary. In Primary 3 we will begin concentrating on the content of our stories using a beginning, middle and end. Your child will be learning to join their letters when handwriting this year.


Primary 3 will cover many mathematical topics this year. The children are already trying hard to learn their times tables and are completing multiplication and division activities actively in class and on the computer. Your child will explore numbers to 1000 and will be introduced to place value. Please encourage your child to work with money at home and to tell the time using analogue/digital display.

The topics we are covering this year are:

Katie Morag and the New Pier

Foods We Eat




Other Information

Your child’s gym days are on a Wednesday and a Friday. Please ensure your child brings in his/her gym kit and encourage no jewellery to be worn on these days.

Thank you for your continued support