Primary 3/4

Welcome to Primary 3/4 and a new year in Holy Family.  The children have settled very well into their new class and are eager in learning new things. They are working actively in all curricular areas and are interacting well with a partner and in a group situation. Homework is issued on a Monday to Thursday and all children should bring their homework folder to school on a daily basis. Please encourage your child to take pride in their homework and to discuss with you what they are learning in class. Please remember to sign the homework daily and to use the diary as a means of communication.

Literacy - Primary 3

Reading programmes undertaken in P3 are Storyworlds and Ginn.

This year your child will be reading a range of texts in class and will be further developing their oral and written responses. They will identify and consider the purpose and main ideas of a text and learn to create some questions of their own. Your child will be encouraged to read with expression and to share their reviews on personal books read. Your child will continue to undertake the Jolly Phonics programme of work this year and will also revise previous sounds taught regularly. Please encourage your child to discuss new sounds taught and think of words that follow each sound. We will be exploring- Similar Sounds, Silent Letters, Endings and Blends. In writing this year children will be using a plan to structure their stories with increasing independence and will be using a range of adjectives/adverbs to improve the quality of their written work. Children will be introduced to direct speech and will use a dictionary to improve their spelling. Children will be introduced to joined-up script and will be encouraged to take pride in their work.

Primary 4

Children will work on Ginn reading this year and will be encouraged to tackle texts with greater independence. During reading sessions children will identify the purpose and main ideas of a text and use supporting detail. Children will discuss structure, characterisation and setting of books. They will also explore features appropriate to different genres. In writing, children will continue to use paragraphs confidently to structure their work and will be required to check their work continually to ensure it makes sense. They will use a thesaurus independently to extend their knowledge of vocabulary.

Spelling (P3/4) - Your child is given a spelling list on a Monday to learn and is then tested on a Friday. Please encourage your child to learn his/her words daily and revise common words frequently at home. Test jotters are sent home on a Friday to allow you to note progress made. Please sign and return on the Monday.  

Maths - Primary 3

This term children have been introduced to the concepts of multiplication and division. They have worked with money to  £1 and are finding the difference between two amounts. They are learning to recite the two, five and ten times tables. Throughout the year children will be exploring the following concepts: Addition/Subtraction to 100, Numbers to 1000 and 3D Shape.

Maths - Primary 4

This term children have been working on numbers to 10,000 and Addition to 1000. They have been working with money and finding change from £5 and £10. Throughout the year they will be exploring the following concepts: Subtraction to 1000, Multiplication and Division. They will focus on the 6,7,8,9 &10 times tables.

Topics to be covered this year:

Term 1 - Forth and Clyde Canal

Term 2 - Push and Pull and Christmas

Term 3  - Celts and Romans

Term 4 - Minibeasts

Health and Wellbeing

Your child's gym days are on a Tue and Thurs. Please ensure your child comes to school with the appropriate gym kit and we encourage no jewellery to be worn.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Hendry/Mrs Kenny