Primary 2M

Welcome to Primary 2M! The boys and girls are working very hard in all curricular areas and having lots of fun. We are developing into Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens every day. We are using Active Learning resources and Role-Play to deepen our understanding and this also provides a real and meaningful context to our learning. Below is an overview of what we will be learning this year:


Children will be reading Storyworld books this year and shall also have experience of non-fiction books through our various topics. Children will experience reading aloud, paired reading and reading to an audience. Please support your child at home by reading 'over and over words' and hearing reading on a nightly basis. Children will also benefit from visits to the local library and listening to stories which deepen their imagination.


Children will have experience in Primary 2 across the genres: they will write personal, functional and imaginative pieces of writing. Children will have a meaningful context in writing lessons. They will be independently using Capital Letters, Full Stops, Joining Words and Describing Words. They will also be introduced to a written plan. Please support your child by encouraging independent sentences in spelling and sounds homework.

Children will also learn to spell the 100 Common Words this year. They shall practice weekly common  words on a daily basis using peer-assessment and should consolidate spelling each night at home - please find weekly spelling words enclosed in your child's diary- in preparation for the weekly Spelling Test.

To support children's writing they will be working on a Sound of the Week. Children will use interactive games to learn these sounds and will be able to independently use these sounds in their writing. Sounds need to constantly be reinforced in Primary 2. This is done on a daily basis in class, please use the Sound Booklet and Sound Homework tasks to support your child's phonics.


Children will be very Successful Learners in numeracy this year! By the end of the year children will have covered addition and subtraction to 20, o'clock and half past digital and analogue time, 2D and 3D shape, money to £1 and numbers to 100. Children will be learning through a variety of active tasks which enable depth and challenge to their learning as well as providing a real life context. Children will also complete Check Ups and Workbooks as written assessments of their learning. Homework will always be related to classroom learning, please ensure that homework is completed every week.


Term 1 - The Twinnies

Term 2 - The Senses

Term 3 -  Inter-disciplinary topic

Term 4 - Our Local Area

All of these topics shall fully motivate and engage children and I am sure we will have lots of fun! The topics shall provide a stimulus for cross-curricular learning and art, drama, music and health shall stem from these.

This is Our Faith

Children will deepen their faith through the use of Bible stories and will develop their understandings of the Church celebrations of Christmas and Easter. Children will also have the opportunity to lead a First Friday Mass.


PE days are Wednesday and Thursday - please ensure gym kits and tape to cover ear piercings.

Primary 2 will be the stars of our Nativity this year and we look forward to seeing you there to support us in December.

Please remember to sign homework diaries on a nightly basis and do not hesitate to consult me with any issues regarding your child.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to sharing some of our hard work with you in the near future.

Miss McEnaney