Primary 2M

All children have settled very well into Primary 2. Children are given daily opportunities to develop into Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors through Cross-Curricular and Active Learning.


In Primary 2 we are learning to spell the 100 Common Words as well as developing our sounds using Jolly Phonics 2. Children shall work on active tasks in class to reinforce these words and sounds and regular tests shall be given to track their progress. Revising words with your child at home regularly will be of great support.

Children are working well through Stage 5, Stage 6 and Stage 7 Story World books in reading. Children have Over and Over words which support their reading and are asked to look over these words weekly as part of their homework.

Primary 2 are focussing on writing in sentences this year - using a Capital Letter, Full Stop and Joining words. Writing shall come from the stimuli of the four very exciting topics which provide opportunities for Personal, Imaginative and Functional writing.  Children will be encouraged to peer assess and self evaluate in their writing this year. Children's handwriting shall be developed using Nelson handwriting strategies and through the course of the year children will develop their lower and upper letter  formation as well as formation of numbers.


Over the course of Primary 2, children shall work through SHM 2. Children shall do this interactively, using resources which enable them to fully understand each concept, as well as workbook pages. Maths concepts shall be tied into cross-curricular topics, where possible, to provide an enjoyable stimulus for learning. Weekly maths homework shall support classroom learning.

Environmental Studies

Children have covered two very exciting topics this year. In Term One we had fun with 'The Twinnies' and in Term Two we learned all about our Five Senses. These topics provided many opportunities for cross-curricular learning, particularly writing, art and drama.

We are currently very busy transforming our classroom into our Joyning the Learning topic, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We are learning all about the adventures of Mr and Mrs Grinling and will use this topic to further develop our reading and writing skills. In maths this topic shall allow us to explore 3D Shape, Time, Measure and Weight actively. We will develop into Confident Individuals through the use of drama and music to perform the story and look forward to teaching our parents all about this wonderful adventure.

In Term Four we will be learning all about Transport and as with all topics this year this shall provide several opportunities for cross-curricular learning and team work.

Expressive Arts

PE is taken by Mr Harkins on both a Wednesday and a Friday. Please ensure gym kits are in school with children on this day. Children will have the opportunity to develop ball skills, gymnastics and fitness in PE through the course of Primary 2.

Music, Art and Drama are covered through cross-curricular topics, which ensure children have a stimulus for their learning. Children performed fantastically well in 'It's A Baby' and showed great maturity and confidence. Well Done! They are currently developing each of these skills through our Joyning the Learning topic and are working extremely hard at doing so.

Religious Education

Children are provided with the opportunity to develop spiritually and morally on a daily basis. They are guided in their faith development through the use of Prayer and reflection, Drama, Art, Music and Writing. Children also attend First Friday Mass and will be given the opportunity during the course of Primary 2 to lead the school community in First Friday Mass.


Homework always consolidates classroom learning and ensures that each child has the opportunity to share their new learning with family.  The Homework Diary is used as a means of communication and should be signed each night.

Monday - Spelling, Reading

Tuesday - Maths

Wednesday - Sounds, Over and Over words

Thursday - Topic/ Alive-O

We hope you have enjoyed reading all about our class and look forward to you visiting our classroom on the Joyning the Learning Evening.

Thank you for your continued support.