Primary 2D

Welcome to P2D’s Webpage

We have settled well into P2 and have worked very hard in the first 2 terms of the year.  Have a look below to find out what we have done so far and what we will be will be getting up to in the months ahead.


In Primary 2D we have weekly writing lessons.  We have covered many aspects of writing such as functional, personal and imaginative and will also look at writer’s craft when we step into the shoes of another author and finish their story.  Our writing is improving each week and we can now plan and write fantastic stories as a class as well as in groups and individually. We will concentrate on the use of capital letters and full stops for the remainder of the year and we are already getting really good at including these in our writing. We use two stars and a wish to assess our work.

In reading we have continued to follow story worlds and are working towards level A in Reading. One book will be covered in class and one at home every week. Children will be given opportunities to read aloud in class and discuss the stories. Class activities will be completed to develop understanding of the text.  P2 will also have over and over words that correspond with the texts that they are reading and these should be practiced nightly.

This year P2 are learning to write their 100 common words and this is done through weekly spelling words. We are using the technique of Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check to help us learn these new words.  We are also trying our hardest to have a go at new words and using our phonics to help us de-code tricky words.


During the first 2 terms of P2 we looked at money, shape and number bonds to 10 before starting SHM2. All children have now achieved level A in Maths and will begin working towards level B. This term and next term we will begin to cover addition to 20, subtraction to 20 and numbers to 100.  We will undertake some of our maths lessons through our topic of the Zoo and will do this actively.

Please note that with the introduction of active learning many lessons will be planned to include interactive games, problem solving tasks and group work. All of which will reinforce the classroom learning.

ICT will also be included in our Maths curriculum this year. The children have learnt to use education city, maths invaders and other programmes to further their understanding of class work.

Environmental Studies 

The topics we are covering this year are:

Term 1 - The Twinnies Spring/Summer (Media Matters)

Term 2 – The Senses

Term 3 – The Zoo (Joyning the Learning)
We are currently transforming our class into the Zoo after receiving a letter from the Zookeeper.  We are having lots of fun learning about the Zoo and the animals. We will use this topic to further develop our reading, writing and maths in the classroom. We will also go on a class trip to the Zoo this term to enhance our understanding of the topic, to gain first hand experience of the zoo and see the animals in reality and hopefully bring our topic to life.

Term 4 - Transport

Religious Education 

P2 were the stars of the Nativity story this year. They helped to plan, rehearse, as well as perform the nativity story to the rest of the school and to their parents and guardians. We will continue on our journey of faith this year by looking at our relationships with our family, friends and with God.

Expressive Arts 

P.E - Mr Harkins our PE specialist will be working with primary 2 on a Thursday and Friday Afternoon. Please ensure your child has their PE kit with them each session.

Art - the children have enjoyed many different experiences with Art this year. In term one we made birds and learnt to make aboriginal art work.  In term two we had lots of opportunities to try collage and made a fantastic 3D face for our senses topic using a variety of materials. We also used this technique to make wonderful pictures of Santa Claus.  This term we are working hard to transform our class into the Zoo and have had many different experiences so far. We have made many different zoo animals including out elephant “Eleanor” using papier-mâché as well as making models using 3d shapes. We love this topic so far!

Music- Mrs Jones is our music teacher. She will take primary 2 on a Wednesday.


P2 will have nightly homework Monday to Thursday.  Please ensure homework diary is signed each night.  Please use your child’s homework diary as a means of communication.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our class work; we look forward to seeing you at our opening night of The Zoo.