Primary 2

What an exciting term!

Our term began with a letter from the Friendly Dragon. He asked us to rebuild Fairyland in our classroom. We were happy to help!


During term 3 we revised weight by using the scales and weighed the 3 Bears porridge. By weighing their bowls we could tell whose bowl of porridge was the heaviest.

Through reading Cinderella we learned all about an analogue and a digital clock and we can now tell the time at o’clock and half past. We have became very confident at addition and subtraction to 10 and are now moving onto even bigger numbers up to 20.

Please revise addition and subtraction facts at home with your child. 


In language this term we have read lots of fairytale stories and even some non-fiction. After reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears we went on to look at real bears and read lots of facts about the real animals from our favourite fairytale stories.We practised all of our common words and are becoming great spellers!

We have spent a lot of time completing a variety of functional and imaginative writing and even became authors. We planned, wrote and illustrated our very own fairytales! 

We had a fantastic Joyning the Learning topic this term called ‘Fairyland’ where we had to rebuild The Friendly Dragons home in our classroom. We covered all curricular areas through this topic and had a wonderful time reading a wide selection of fairytales. The topic closed with a special evening for all parents to see our new land. Go on and have a peak at our video and see Fairy Land for yourself!