Primary 2/3

Last term we worked extremely hard and produced fabulous pieces of work.We are indeed successful learners and confident individuals as displayed at our Zoo open evening where we enjoyed showcasing our wonderful work to our parents. We also enjoyed a brilliant and educational trip to Amazonia.

The Primary 3 children made their Sacrament of Reconciliation, it was a lovely service, well done. Our class was also responsible for a whole school Mass and they led it beautifully. We proved our ability to be effective contributors and responsible citizens by supporting the PTA in the Spring Fayre and SCIAF during Lent. We made beautiful hand crafted photo frames for the Spring Fayre that sold out in the hour! As a class we collected numerous back packs to be sent to less fortunate children in Malawi.

We are now back at school and excited by the new term! This term we are going to work extremely hard to ensure we reach all of our personal targets that we have identified in our PLPs. Our topic will provide many opportunities to work collaboratively with others, something we are very good at doing and really enjoy. We will continue to develop our creativity and thinking skills. We are a creative bunch and are looking forward to continuing our learning in an active manner and expressing our ideas.

We have many exciting opportunities to look forward to this term. We have a Science show, Summer trip and Sports Day just to mention a few!

As before our gym days are a Tuesday and a Thursday. We are having the opportunity to develop our tennis skills his session through coaching from a tennis coach. We will also be going to visit the Tennis courts to play and who knows we might just uncover a budding world class player!! Please ensure your child has a gym kit for these days.

Please make sure your child comes prepared for school and brings their homework folder every day. Please ensure you assist your child to fill in their weekly achievements at the bottom of the weekly homework diary pages. (Especially as they are such a talented bunch!) The achievement can range from tidying a bedroom to winning a medal!