Primary 1M

Primary 1M

Welcome to our web page.  This term we have settled in well to our new classroom and made new friends with our classmates.  We are trying our best to adjust to school life and follow the school rules and routine.  We know all of the Golden Rules and LOVE Golden time! Miss McColligan is very proud of us and impressed at how well we have settled into Primary 1!


We have been working hard on our reading skills and are trying hard to read our 'Pickle' and 'Miss Owen' stories.  We are looking forward to being introduced to other interesting characters as we move through the 'Story Worlds'. This term we are working continuously on our ability to read the words in our word tins and identify them in comprehension activities. We are enjoying using our 'Cosy Corner' to relax and read some of our favourite books from the library. We have recently completed a book review on our favourite book and they will be displayed during 'Book Week'.  Most days Miss McColligan reads us a 'Big Book' and we are excellent at identifying words that rhyme. We know lots of sounds already!  Everyday we are practising the correct way to write those sounds and are brilliant when trying to spot our sounds in text and the surrounding enviroment. Our talking and listening skills are also developing. We are really trying our best to be good listeners and not to interrupt others when they are speaking. We enjoy working with our ELFs (Effective Leraning Friends) and enjoy many opportunities to work cooperatively with others.


We are very successful learners and are working hard in Numeracy. We are continuing to build on our understanding of numbers to 10 and are trying really hard to write the numbers independently. Throughout the year, we will be working on counting, ordering, reading, writing and comparing numbers to 20.  We will also learn all about addition and subtraction facts to 10. We also play 'missing number' games but Miss Mccolligan can never trick us!! We are also further developing our knowledge of mathemtical langugae and love carrying out tasks actively. We have been learning outdoors and playing many active number games. 


We are currently working on our first topic 'At School' that concentrates on people who help us and their roles within school. We have produced some lovely pieces of work and have enjoyed working collaboratively with others. Last week, Dan the lollipop man popped in to visit us and told us all about keeping safe. The topic has alos provided some great opportunities for Miss McColligan to get to know us properly as we have been sharing all of our likes and dislikes. We have even made a plan of the school and labelled all of the features.  As we are so thoughtful and creative, We have even thought of some imporvements for the school!!  Our next topic is 'The Twinnies' and concentrates on the Autumn and Winter seasons.  It should provide many wonderful and rich learnng experiences in the outdoor environment. We are always looking for parents with any expertise to come and extend our understanding of a topic.  So if you think, you may be that parent, please dont hesitate to contact Miss McColligan to arrange a visit!  Margaret, the oral hygienist also came to visit us and explained all about the importance of brushing well.  We will begin our tooth brushing programme when we are at school for the full day.  We have elected members of our class to serve on the Health Committee, Eco Committee and Pupil Council.


Our gym days are a Thursday and  Friday.  Mr Harkins has requested that children with ears pierced either remove their jewellery on gym days or are provided with plasters to cover their ears.  We thoroughly enjoyed the sponsored assault course.


We have worked really hard to learn all of our prayers and Miss McColligan and Mrs Christie actually could not believe just how confident and clear we are!  As part of our spiritual preparation for the Popes visit, we have been saying extra prayers and discussing this historical event in order to enhance our understanding.  We were fantastic at our first ever 'First Friday Mass' and sat beautifully throughout.


Finally we would just like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing some of our wonderful work with you in the very near future!  We are indeed, confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners!