Primary 1D


Primary 1 have all settled extremely well into school life and Mrs Doran is very proud of them ! Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed learing new words through reading exciting stories about Miss Owen and Pickle the Kitten. We are very successful learners and are very good at using our word mats to match the words in our tin.We now know lots of sounds and are beginning to use them to make simple words. We love to use our actions to play guess my sound in class. At home, remember to practise your words and sounds every night.

During active maths we are thouroughly enjoying learning how to read, write, count and order our numbers to ten. We love to go outside to work in the garden. We enjoy using lots of different objects to help develop our counting skills and love to use chalk to practise writing numbers to 10 in the playground. We like to go outside no matter what the weather is like so if possible could you please ensure that your child has a pair of wellington boots at school.

During this first term at school we have enjoyed learning about life at school. We have explored the building and have enjoyed meeting all the different adults who help us at school. We also met Dan the Lollipop man who told us how to cross the road safely and Margeret Munro who spoke to us about why it is important to keep our teeth clean.

Our next topic is a media study called The Twinnies.Through the story of the twins Scott and Iain we will be developing our listening skills.We will be working with our ELF's(Effective Learning Friend) and in small groups to listen to and discuss the story.

After the September weekend our class gym days are on a Monday and Friday. Please try to send a gym bag with suitable clothes and footwear in on a Monday and it will be returned home on a Friday.

We have homework four nights a week. Please sign nightly and help your child to complete their achievement at the end of the week.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Doran