Primary 1C

Primary 1C have had a great start to the new term.   We have enjoyed lots of new number concepts including addition, doubles and near doubles.  We are learning all about numbers to 20 and beyond.  In information handling we will be making a bar graph and interpreting information from various pictograms.

In language, we are trying to write our own stories, and aim to include all our Level A targets, such as capital letters, punctuation and using joining words.We are making good progress with our vocabulary and are using our phonic rules to sound out unfamiliar words for ourselves! 

This term we have been visited by The Friendly Dragon, who has asked the children to help him rebuild Fairyland.  This is the focus for our ‘Joyning the Learning’ topic and we are having a great time with this.  We look forward to seeing you all at our open night.  Thanks for all the things your children have brought in to support their work.

In term 4 our topic is called, ‘In the Garden’ and we will explore the concept of growth and caring for the living environment.

Thank you for your help and support throughout the year.

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Christie