Primary 1C

We have had a busy first term settling and learning the routines and rules of school life.  We have tried very hard to keep the Golden Rules and Mrs Campbell is very proud of us.

In celebration of Book Week we have written a book report and look forward to sharing our favourite titles with you.

In phonics, we are continuing with recognition and writing initial sounds. We are having- a- go at using our sounds to read and write words by ourselves.  You can help me at home by dictating my sounds and asking me to write them.  If I manage this, you can help me by dictating simple words and asking me to write them. Remember to let me know if I do not form my letters correctly. I should practise my sound and homework every night and point to all the words I know on the parent page of my book.

In order to support the Talking and Listening aspect of the curriculum we are encouraged to bring an item in from home and talk about it at 'Show and Tell'.  This is usually held on a Friday.  I should not bring expensive or fragile things to school in case of accidents.  On Friday I can bring a toy or game to play with at Golden Time.

This is Our Faith is our Religious Education programme and integral to this is Faith Week which we will celebrate in term 2.  We also prepare for Christmas with a whole school display of Christmas writing and I am looking forward to showing you mine.  Our infant Nativity Play is also in term 2 and we are looking forward to doing this.

Our PE days are now Tuesday and Thursday.  Please send my gym kit in on a Monday and I will bring it back on Friday.  I want to dress and undress myself for gym so please teach me to do this at home.  I should wear a polo shirt on gym days as buttons can be a bit tricky!  All of my clothes should be clearly marked with my name on them.

Most of us have now bought a homework folder to carry work to and from school.  They really help to keep my work in good condition.  If I do not have one, I can still buy one from the school office.

If you would like to talk to my teacher please see her at the door after school or phone her.  Alternatively you can phone the office and make an appointment.  Mrs Campbell looks forward to seeing you throughout the year.

From all the children in P1C