Nursery Curriculum

Curriculum for Excellence

A holistic approach

Curriculum for Excellence promotes the need to view learning and teaching across curriculum areas as inter-connected and integrated. This is particularly important for young children, who develop their understanding of, for example, science, language, communication, technology and mathematics from an everyday experience, such as water or sand play, supported by knowledgeable adults.

The challenge is to ensure that these experiences are enriching and stimulating and that adults working with children are able to understand, appreciate and assess children's achievements and learning.

Active, experiential learning

Early years staff are committed to developing learning in natural and real contexts, familiar to children and appropriate to their interests and stages of development. This reflects our understanding that young children's learning is most effectively supported through interaction with adults and other children and through play and active exploration of their environment.

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Curriculum Overview

Experiences and Outcomes

Active Learning at the Early Level