National Improvement Framework for Education

The National Improvement Framework encompasses National Priorities, Local Improvement Plans and targets. Five National priorities for Education were drawn up by the Scottish Executive and approved by the Scottish parliament in December 2000. They are:

Achievement and Attainment

To raise standards of educational attainment for all in schools, especially in the core skills of literacy and numeracy, and so achieve better levels in national measures of achievement including examination results.

Framework for Learning

To support and develop the skills of teachers, the self-discipline of pupils and to enhance school environments so that they are conducive to learning and teaching.

Inclusion and Equality

To promote equality and help every pupil benefit from education, with particular regard paid to pupils with disabilities and special educational needs, and to Gaelic and other lesser-used languages.

Values and Citizenship

To work with parents to teach pupils respect for self and one another and their interdependence with other members of their neighbourhood and society and to teach them the duties and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society.

Learning for Life

To equip pupils with the foundation skills, attitudes and expectations necessary to prosper in a changing society and to encourage creativity and ambition.