Management Team & Teaching Staff

The staffing compliment of  teachers includes the Head Teacher, 2 Depute Head Teachers and the Principal Teacher. In addition, a music teacher visits 1 day a week and an instrumental music teacher visits ½ day per week. A member of the Area Network Support Team provides further support 1 day a week. Additional flexibility, when available is used to allow promoted staff time to carry out management duties and provide learning support throughout the school.

Head Teacher
Mrs Frances O'Connell

Depute Head Teacher
Miss Claire Reynolds

 Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Stephanie Wood

Principal Teacher
Mrs Pauline Campbell

Teaching Staff

 Primary 1A       Mrs Smith

Primary 1B       Miss Rourke

Primary 2A       Miss Bendermarcher

Primary 2B       Miss Sutherland

Primary 3A       Mrs Giovannetti

Primary 3B       Mr McMahon

Primary 4A       Mrs Miller

Primary 4B       Mrs Crossan

Primary 5A       Miss Donald

Primary 5B       Mrs McGuire

Primary 6A       Mrs Gordon/Mrs Crawford

Primary 6B       Mrs Hendry/Mrs Kenny

Primary 7A       Mrs Campbell

Primary 7B       Mr McGrory

Mrs Sheila Jones

Mr Harkins PE