Homework Policy

Homework aims to:

  • Encourage pupils to participate with responsibility in their own learning.
  • Develop the habit of independent study.
  • Provide opportunities to consolidate work done in class.
  • Widen the learning experience by allowing pupils to use materials and sources of information not available in the classroom.
  • Strengthen the liaison between home and school and involve parents in pupils’ work.

Homework tasks should:

  • Be varied.
  • Be related to the ability and individual needs of the child.
  • Provide opportunities for parental involvement.
  • Be clearly explained to the pupil by the teacher, e.g. pupils and parents should know exactly what is expected and when homework is to be returned to the teacher for marking. Homework diaries will be issued to pupils in P1 –P7 for this purpose. Diaries can be used as a means of communication between home and school. Parents should sign diaries every day.
  • Be checked/marked/utilized by the teacher.
  • Be completed within the following time bands:
    P1 – P3                        15-20 minutes
    P4 – P7                        20–40 minutes

Parents will receive an information leaflet outlining the School’s homework policy at the beginning of the session.  We encourage you to purchase a school homework folder for carrying books and jotters.

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