Disclosure Scotland

In order to meet a legal obligation under the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003 and as part of the policy in respect of child protection, the Council has introduced a policy to ensure that any individual who is appointed to a voluntary child care position is not fully listed on the Disqualified from Working with Children List.

This policy, which requires any adult appointed to a voluntary child care position, to undergo a criminal background check to ensure their suitability. This policy applies in particular to:

  • parent volunteer helpers in schools who are considered to have regular contact with children and young people;
  • parents and co-opted members of school boards;
  • parent members of local parent-teacher associations;
  • elected members serving on committees relating to the development of children’s services;
  • any other individual working in a voluntary child care position within a service managed by East Dunbartonshire Council.

The policy builds on East Dunbartonshire Council’s Child Protection Interagency Guidance (2002) which underpins all child protection work undertaken by local authority services. It also complements the Council’s policy on the leasing of council premises to organizations which provide activities and services to children and young people.