Additional Support

for Learning

It is important for pupils’ individual progress that they are provided with an appropriate curriculum, effective methodology and a range of good resources. Individual Education Plans are drawn up for a small number of pupils.

Class teachers are responsible for providing an appropriate education for all pupils. They are assisted in this by Area Network Support staff and promoted staff within the school. The Depute Head Teacher is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the Additional Support for Learning Policy and the Area Network Support Staff act as consultants to the teachers, providing advice on methodology and resources. (Additional staffing may be available to support particular groups of pupils who require extra help.)

A strong home-school partnership is a crucial factor influencing pupils’ learning. All parents are encouraged to be involved in the learning process. Where particular problems occur and children are experiencing difficulties with their learning, the school will contact parents to discuss possible strategies and may involve, if appropriate, Area Network Support Staff or Educational Psychologist.

We are assisted in the School by East Dunbartonshire’s Network Support for Learning Service. This is a team of specially trained teachers who offer 6 roles to the school.

  • Consultation
  • Liaison
  • Staff Development
  • Co-operative Teaching
  • Pupil Support
  • Resources

These roles facilitate the Support for Learning for all pupils.

Research has shown that support in the early years is highly beneficial. Therefore, East Dunbartonshire Council recognises the importance of early intervention and ensures that all Primary 1 classes are supported by the Network teacher. This enables early identification and assessment to take place. Team members provide whole school support for effective teaching and learning. They work in partnership with senior management, school staff, parents, pupils and other support services.


East Dunbartonshire Council, in supporting inclusion in its schools, has also established and developed a number of specialist support services

These services are:

  • Language and Communications Service (Tel 0141 942 1338)
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Support Service (Tel 0141 578 2116)
  • Sensory Service (Visual and hearing impairment) (Tel 0141 578 0270)

Further information is available from the service managers who can be contacted by telephone on the number provided.

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