Parent Council Update re School Building

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23rd November 2015 th November to discuss the present decant situation and plans for our return to Holy Family. rd December 2015 and a tender process will be instigated. This should be completed around the end of February.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Members of the Parent Council met with Council Officials on Tuesday 17

The contents of the survey report will be available next Friday prior to a meeting on the 3rd of December when the Planning and Resources Committee will vote on proposals to refurbish our school.

In response to various concerns and questions raised we can confirm the following detail:

 Holy Family will be refurbished in 2016 with an intended return approximately a year from now. As in any build/refurb situation it is impossible for the Council to give an exact date on this at present but they expressed a desire to see us "home" sooner rather than later. We will, of course, ask for updates as work progresses.

 Procedure - the proposals will be presented to the Council on 3

 Holy Family school community will remain together in Kerr Street until we return home - the school will not be moved to another location/ split across locations.

 The Council recognises that the Kerr St site has limitations and has agreed that it will continue to maintain the school throughout the time that we are there - this will include rigorous safety checks on a regular basis.

 Council officials will continue to work with the School Management to support our children's needs and have confirmed that they will pay the cost of transporting the P1-P3 children to St Ninian's for their Nativity play.

 We have asked that the Director responsible for the Shared Space project within the town centre contact us regarding the junction at Catherine Street; we will update on this as soon as we can.

As a Parent Council we have emphasised that the school community have been extremely patient and whilst we appreciate that these processes take time we too are keen to see a return "home" as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions or concerns we are happy to speak with East Dunbartonshire Council on your behalf. Please contact us via the School or our Facebook page.

Thanks for your support.

The Parent Council